Fast Bitcoin Payment Processing for Merchants

BitBata provides enterprise-level Bitcoin API that allows businesses and individuals to accept Bitcoin payments with ease.

Accept BTC payments on your store

BitBata’s API allows you to generate bitcoin addresses on the fly. Once payments are received on these addresses they are automatically forwarded to your specified wallet address.

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Fast & Unlimited Payments

Receive unlimited payments and get settled in your own wallet address instantly

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No registration required

No need to create accounts. Just pass the API parametes and start receiving payments.

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Safe & Secure

Our secure and non-custodial approach to handling bitcoin transactions makes it super easy to receive payments.

Receive Bitcoin Payments directly to your wallet address

An API designed to be an extremely easy starting point for online businesses and merchants who are looking for a fast and reliable way of accept Bitcoin payments

Split payments

Specify multiple bitcoin addreses where received Bitcoin will be forwarded to. Useful for commission based payments

Consuming the API

Making use of our bitcoin payment API is extremely easy! Simply send a simple GET request to our bitcoin payment gateway API using the generate_address endpoint to generate a deposit address for your customer.

Configure your deposit system to call the following URL, replacing the value of the address parameter with your destination address and the value of the callback parameter with your server's callback URL:

"address": "mtkMv18N7KthrSGKS728PAPS5e9hPGe45G",
"receipients": {
"mraYcWoNKubjAQzMZAXtRunRyBi1aZJURu": 55,
"mfw91atZBiMcLGExAbWitsR5GHZ3g7iPwf": 45
"callback": null,
"custom": null

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